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Hey Hey! I'm Anja, your ultimate guide to practical spirituality.

I know how it feels to get lost in life without a purpose and sense of alignment - 12 years ago I was a women full of love in a toxic relationship, until I’ve realized I have been doing it ALL wrong. That was my wake up call.

I have always been ambitious and a dreamer. Wanted to achieve all by myself  - but I quickly learned a hard lesson: without guidance we just go round in the same circles expecting a different result.

… unless you do your inner work and fully understand LIFE, energy, it is not possible to feel satisfied, achieve all your goals, be the example you want to be for your family & children and NOT damage your physical body on the way.

So I set off on a mission to learn everything I could about ENERGY in an effort to finally create my dream life. In my search to master everything about being the best version of myself, I was able to find my amazing husband (who is 100% involved in raising our children and 1000% supports me), created my dream life of being multi business owner and mastering it ALL - growing financial independance, strengthening the relationship and naturally healing my body on the way to my goals. Now, everyone started asking how they could have a successful relationship, business & life too.

60 minute long Webinar on Manifesting Abundance in all areas of your life.

"Unleash Your Abundance: Transforming Energy into Manifestation Mastery" is a transformative webinar designed to elevate your understanding of how energy shapes your life. In this session, you'll learn to identify and clear blockages to your personal and financial growth, align your energies for success, and apply practical strategies for manifesting your desires. Dive deep into the laws of attraction and polarity to understand how to harmonize your intentions with universal energies. Whether you're seeking financial freedom, deeper relationships, or personal fulfillment, this webinar will equip you with the tools to transform your energy into tangible outcomes. Start living your life strategically today!

Why would I hire an energy coach?

Manifest abundance

Unleash the power of practical spirituality to manifest financial abundance. Through personalized coaching, I guide you in aligning your energy and actions with wealth creation. We explore your beliefs around money, uncover blockages, and implement strategies for financial success. Together, we pave the way for a prosperous and abundant financial future.

Elevate your relationships

Elevate your relationships to new heights through transformative coaching. Whether navigating romantic partnerships, family dynamics, or professional connections, I provide insights and practical tools. By understanding the energetic dynamics at play, you'll foster deeper connections, effective communication, and lasting harmony in all your relationships.

Naturally heal your body

Embark on this holistic approach to life, where financial abundance, elevated relationships, and natural healing converge. Together, we'll craft a path that aligns your energy, empowers your relationships, and nurtures your body's well-being. Through practical spirituality, you'll not only manifest abundance but also create a legacy of wealth, love, and health for yourself and your family. Welcome to a transformative journey where every aspect of your life harmoniously unfolds.


Destiny Blueprint Reading


60 minute Reading using Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chaldean Numerology

Delve into the intricacies of your unique Destiny Blueprint. This in-depth reading goes beyond the surface, unraveling the patterns that shape your life. Gain profound insights into your strengths, challenges, and the limitless potential that lies within your individual blueprint.

Destiny & Energy Mastery


12 hour long online course

Embark on a transformative journey with my Destiny & Energy Mastery Online Course. Uncover the secrets of your destiny and learn the art of mastering your energy for a life of abundance and fulfillment. This course provides practical tools and wisdom to guide you towards lasting positive change.

Next Round starts in January 2024

Transformational Energy Accelerator


1 -year long intensive group coaching with me

Experience the power of transformation through Tea, my Transformational Energy Accelerator. This unique offering combines the wisdom of traditional practices with the art of energy acceleration. Sip into a cup of positive transformation, aligning your energies for a more balanced and harmonious life.

To make sure you are a perfect fit for this journey and that I am a perfect fit for you, click the button at the bottom and let's jump on a free 30 MIN clarity call to discuss it.


Free Clarity Call

Experience a complimentary 15-minute Clarity Call to illuminate the path to your personal and professional growth. This call is designed to provide insights into your current challenges and guide you towards a more profound understanding of your journey.

This is perfect option for those who don't yet know what they are seraching or needing. It's just a coffee chat so I can help you remove the vagueness and hopefully provide you some clarity.


What is energy training?

Energy coaching with me is a transformative journey that goes beyond conventional coaching. It's about understanding the unique energetic blueprint that influences your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Through the ancient wisdom of Chaldean numerology and Traditional Chinese Medicine, we uncover your patterns and predispositions.

This isn't just theoretical knowledge; it's a practical guide to navigate your life. We don't stop at mindset shifts; we delve into the core of your energy, addressing root causes and fostering holistic well-being.

Unlike generic coaching, I tailor insights to your individuality. It's not about quick fixes but about equipping you with tools to integrate spiritual principles into your daily life. This is an empowering experience where you become your own guide, tapping into your inner wisdom and connecting with the universe.

Energy coaching is a commitment to your holistic transformation—guiding you to manifest abundance in love, money, and health by understanding and harmonizing your unique energy dynamics.

How can you help me manifest abundance?

I guide you to manifest abundance by aligning with the natural flow of universal energy. We explore your destiny blueprint, unlocking insights into your strengths and challenges. This awareness allows us to target specific areas for growth and transformation. Through energy coaching, you learn to navigate life's challenges with resilience and tap into the boundless possibilities the universe offers.

It's not just about setting goals; it's about understanding your energy's intricate dance with the cosmos. By harnessing the principles of Chaldean numerology and Traditional Chinese Medicine, we decode the language of your energy. This deeper understanding becomes a compass, steering you toward abundance in love, money, and health.

Practical spirituality is the cornerstone of my approach. You don't just envision abundance; you embody it. This involves releasing limiting beliefs, adopting positive energy practices, and developing a mindset that attracts prosperity. From relationships to financial endeavors, the holistic transformation you undergo paves the way for a life rich in fulfillment and success.

Why are you different from other coaches?

In a crowded space of coaches promising abundance and manifestation, what sets me apart is a commitment to practical spirituality. I don't just preach mindset shifts; I guide you to understand your unique energy blueprint through Chaldean numerology and Traditional Chinese Medicine. This isn't about generic advice but tailored insights into your patterns, thoughts, and emotions.

Beyond the usual focus on financial success, I bring a holistic approach. We delve into the interconnectedness of love, money, and health. It's not just about the external; it's about healing from within. By addressing the root causes and nurturing your physical health, we create a foundation for enduring abundance in love and money.

But what truly distinguishes my coaching is the emphasis on the interplay of these elements. Your well-being isn't just about one area; it's about transforming your entire life.

Practical spirituality isn't just a catchphrase; it's the essence of my coaching. I bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern life, ensuring that spiritual principles are not just lofty ideas but actionable tools for daily living.

Moreover, my coaching goes beyond the surface, addressing the root causes of challenges. We don't just scratch the surface of mindset; we dive into the core of your energy, unlocking your full potential and strategically navigating life.

I offer a transformative experience, not a quick fix. You gain not only knowledge but practical tools that seamlessly integrate into your daily routine. It's not just about short-term manifestations; it's about creating lasting abundance.

In a world of coaches promising miracles, I offer a grounded, personalized approach. I don't just guide you; I empower you to become your own guide, tapping into your inner wisdom and connecting with the universe. This isn't just coaching; it's a journey toward a purposeful, abundant, and fulfilled life.


Just finished a numerology and traditional Chinese medicine course with my energy coach 😍

I got such a great knowledge and experience about how how just a numbers can show us so much about personality, body, patterns, weak and powerful sides! It's definitely a great way to get know myself better and what side needs stronger training:) also to use this knowledge with psychology and to see and understand people better. And in my daily life with friends or family, when you get know deeper about all you know how to connect and communicate with different people and don't argue with anyone.

I appreciate this experience a lot ! And now I'm gonna calculate all people I know 😅Thank you a looot Anja!!

Jasmin Bunda

Anya's numerology course was truly nothing short of amazing. Her engaging teaching style, passion for the subject, and practical approach made it perfect for a beginner like me. The insights into personal strengths and challenges were spot-on and invaluable. Overall it was an amazing learning experience.

Anfisa D Owen

I completed Anyas numerology course and it has been


Its helped me learn not only my energy blocks but my kids and family too and what we need to work on to live at our most optimum health. anya is so knowledgable. grsteful to have her as my energy coach!

Joddie Quigg